Our Cabins

Almost every cabin is equipped with a washbasin, with the exception of our ten-bed cabin and one of the single cabins.
On each of the three decks there are shared bathrooms with showers and toilets separated by gender. Our captain’s cabin has its own bathroom with bathtub. All cabins have heating, a fan and a wardrobe. A reading lamp is also either permanently installed or can be borrowed from our reception. Due to the construction of the ship, the rooms are a little brighter than usual. However, if all guests behave in a considerate and cultivated manner, this is hardly noticeable.
From all the cabins you have either a view of the water or of nature – it’s hard to say which is more beautiful!

Our captain's cabin impresses with 23 square meters, a small living area and a private bathroom with bathtub.
12 m²
9-12 m²