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Welcome aboard the Schiffsherberge Pöppelmann, the charming retreat on the water run by the Sapsaj family. Together we have made the Schiffsherberge Pöppelmann a popular anchorage for travelers looking for an unforgettable stay in Dresden. The hostel reflects our attention to detail and commitment to authentic hospitality while preserving a piece of maritime history.

Media appearances
the Pöppelmann ship hostel

The Pöppelmann ship hostel is not only an idyllic anchorage for travelers, but has also attracted the attention of the media. With its unique combination of maritime tradition and modern comfort, it has managed to carry a wave of enthusiasm far beyond the shores of Dresden. Our media appearances emphasize the special experience on board and invite you to immerse yourself in stories.

ARD Travel | What does a cycle tour on the Elbe cost?

The boat hostel is a unique experience along the Elbe cycle path. In the video from ARD, presenter Johannes Zenglein from “Was kostet” shows the fascinating 1300-kilometer cycle tour from Bad Schandau to Mühlberg. On his customized tour, he discovers the beauty of Saxony, from the majestic Bastei in Saxon Switzerland to the Elbe metropolis of Dresden and historic Meissen.

MDR | Contribution to Dresden's maritime mile

Experience Dresden from a unique perspective – from the water! In this article, Kathi embarks on an adventurous journey of discovery through the enchanting city of Dresden. A highlight of this unique journey is the overnight stay in one of the 38 cabins of the floating Pöppelmann hostel. Here you can escape the stress of everyday life and the noise of the city, because on board the ship’s hostel these worries disappear as if by magic.

The History the Pöppelmann

The history of our Pöppelmann is an eventful one and dates back to the 1960s. The ship was built on October 22, 1963 in Roßlau and sailed along the Elbe as part of the “White Fleet” under the name Karl Marx.

As one of four identically manufactured side-wheel luxury ships in the GDR, it was powered by two 270 hp diesel engines and two electric motors. At that time, its almost 70-meter length had room for over 1000 passengers and traveled in extreme luxury thanks to its dance hall, sun decks, dining room and mocha bar. She was probably one of the most beautiful passenger ships ever built and lives up to the name “luxury motor ship”.

After the fall of communism, the fleet was filled with more economical ships and these magnificent “old girls” were decommissioned. Only the hulls of today’s Pöppelmann and the former Friedrich Engels have been preserved and are still moored and serve as floating hostels for numerous guests.

In 1991, the Karl-Marx was renamed after the German Baroque master builder Matthäus Daniel Pöppelmann. In the service of Elector Augustus the Strong, his most famous work is probably the Dresden Zwinger. The MS Pöppelmann has now been taken over by the Qualifizierungs- und Ausbildungsförderungsgesellschaft Dresden GmbH and opened as a hostel under the name “die Koje”. The company was dissolved in summer 2012. As the state capital of Dresden searched in vain for new investors, the ship was about to be scrapped. This was prevented by the Sapsaj couple when they became aware of the steamer. Without further ado, the couple bought the ship and opened it in October 2013 under its current name, the Schiffsherberge Pöppelmann.